Village’s rules

Gentlemen guests are invited to strictly observe the following rules in order to allow a pleasant stay to others and themselves:

Section I – Conditions for the booking and payments

1. When booking, the customer must comply with the booking conditions contained in the reservation form and the official website

2. Subject to the conditions of cancellation given in the confirmation document, in any case, you can request a refund of the sums paid.

Section II – Conditions relating to the structure

1. On the day of arrival rooms will be available from 17:00;

2. On the day of departure rooms must be vacated no later than 10:00 , after which it will charge € 30.00 per room as a penalty as late check out;

3. It is forbidden entry to non-vacationers, visits by family or friends, must be authorized by the Management also the visitor must leave  an identity document that will withdraw the exit from the village;

4. Will be reported to the Police Departmet all anauthorized persons found within the village;

5. Parking is on the street is open and unattended. The Management is not responsible for any damage or theft occasioned to cars ;

6. The reception is open 24 hours for 7 days;

7. In the case of suspension of the supply of electricity or water due to vendors of the respective services or for other reasons not attributable to the management, we decline any responsibility and is not responsible for refunding;

8. In case of failure of electronic equipment and / or other equipment located inside the rooms and / or structure, the Management will take all necessary actions to resolve these issues and in the case of objective obstacles in resolution of these issues, the Department shall not be responsible under any circumstances and will not be responsible for refunding;

9. The speed of vehicles within the Village must not exceed 15 km per hour;

10. You must respect the vegetation, soil, hygiene and cleanliness of the village, any damage will be charged to those who being;

11. Access of dogs or other animals is at the discretion of the Management. If permitted, dogs must be leashed and muzzled, the droppings of the same shall be collected by the owners and deposited in the bins can not be taken in the following areas: restaurant, pool bar and stage area and all the air frequented by children;

12. It is compulsory for all guests to respect the hours of silence from 14:30 to 16:00 and the end of the animation activities until 7:00 the next morning.

13. Not be allowed to play with the ball outside of space and time allocated to them, and bike paths in the village;

14. It is not allowed to listen to the radio in the common areas and / or open to the public if not exclusively by the appropriate tags; It is also forbidden to use sockets, radio loud, and any other objects that can cause trouble;

15. It is strictly forbidden to light any stoves or any other heat source inside the rooms and the surrounding area;

16. In public areas and especially in the dining room please wear appropriate clothing;

17. Any damage to the structures of the Village caused by customers or their guests will be charged to those responsible for the damage;

18. The management is not responsible for any injury to minors, which must be accompanied by their parents and / or carers;

19. Customers who leave early will not be entitled to any refund of the value of the stay for the remaining days of the reservation under Art. 1385 -1386 cod. Civil Code.;

20. The Management is not responsible for theft, loss and damage to values and objects that have been deposited in the safe at the reception held in the Village ;

21. The village has a medical kit essentials (band aid, to hydrogen peroxide, ointments, gauze …) for small jobs located in the Directorate. For more serious problems guests can opt for the medical service resort located in Campora San Giovanni or go by car to the hospital in Paola, located 30 km. Management may request the customer to contact the emergency number118;

22. Damage caused by vacationers, their family members or guests to the equipment of the structure remain the responsibility of the host contract holder and or input card. The management declines any liability for damage to persons and or property caused by misuse or unauthorized use of the resort property;

23. A final judgment of management, repeated failure to comply with these rules, and keep misconduct that seriously harms the harmony and the spirit of the village, may lead to the removal uninvited. In this case, the guest away will not be entitled to any refund of the amount paid, subject to the same direction to claim compensation for any damages.

24. Obligation to use the bathing cap in the pool and the compliance with the regulation shown.


Please note that the signing of this Regulation, it involves the total acceptance including any unpleasant consequences.

The Management also warns that if forced to will quickly alert law enforcement components, in the same way will be dealt with episodes of severe lack of respect for the management or those who represent it from time to time.